Pastor Saeed's Kids Beg Obama 'Bring Daddy Home'


The young children of imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini are sending President Barack Obama an emotional message asking him to help bring their father home.

Abedini is a U.S. citizen who has been held in Iran for the past two years, enduring torture for his Christian faith.

His wife Naghmeh has desperately fought to get him back. Now the couple's young children, Rebekka and Jacob, are joining her plea.

In a new video posted online the children plead, "Dear President Obama, please help bring my daddy home... I don't want him to miss another birthday, or Christmas, or Father's Day. Please help bring him home."

"Why does our daddy need to be in prison for loving Jesus?" Rebekka questions.

"My heart cries because it misses daddy," says little Jacob.

Pastor Abedini has been enduring health problems and physical abuse in prison.

Secretary of State John Kerry recently spoke out about Abedini's plight.

"In Iran, U.S. Iranian citizen Pastor Saeed Abedini remains imprisoned. The Iranian authorities sentenced him to eight years behind bars simply because of his religious beliefs," Kerry said. "We will continue to call for his release and we will continue to work for it."

According to the ACLJ, nearly 290,000 people worldwide have signed the BeHeard Project petition in an effort to get him released.

Let your voice be heard, sign the petition. 

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