'Shedding of Christian Blood Is Beyond Human Imagination'


The Salvation Army has joined the World Evangelical Alliance in calling on Americans to pray for the Middle East.

Both groups say Christians are suffering throughout the region and desperately need our prayers and action as they face ongoing violence and death.

"The shedding of blood of Christians in our area is going beyond human imagination," Munir Kakish, chairman of the Council of Local Evangelical Churches in the Holy Land, said.

"Killing Christians just because they are Christian is not acceptable and should be stopped immediately," Kakish said.

Munir, WEA ambassador to the Holy Land, Rev. Harry Tees, and Rev. Charles Kopp, chairman of the Evangelical Alliance of Israel were in Washington this week.

They joined CBN News Chief International Correspondent Gary Lane for a roundtable discussion about the causes of the persecution, the role of Christians in the Middle East, and ways to help them. Click play to watch

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