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Jihadis Massacre Non-Muslim Quarry Workers in Kenya


Kenyan authorities believe Islamic extremists from neighboring Somalia killed 36 quarry workers Tuesday morning in Mandera Country, near the Somalia border.

Police say gunmen ambushed the workers as they slept and singled out non-Muslims for execution. Some of the victims were beheaded.

Local police believe the Somalia-based Al Shabab terrorist group carried out the attack. Al Shabab is affiliated with al Qaeda and carried out a similar attack in Mandera county in November when it murdered 28 non-Muslims on a bus.

How certain is it that this was the work of Al Shabab terrorists? Halton Lugalia, with Christ is the Answer Ministries in Nairobi, Kenya, answers this question and more.

Meanwhile, a church burning in New Delhi, India, prompted a protest by hundreds of Christians in the nation's capital Tuesday. 

Authorities don't know the cause of the blaze that destroyed St. Sebastian's church, but Catholic Church officials say they suspect it was set deliberately.

The fire destroyed the church interior, including the altar,  a Bible, and a cross. In a statement the Archdioecese said forensic samples taken from the site smelled of fuel.

Hundreds of Christians gathered outside police headquarters calling for an investigation.

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