Will Ukraine Deal End Violent Uprising?


Central Kiev was filled with violence and bloodshed Thursday as Ukrainian turned against Ukrainian. Federal troops opened fire on peaceful protesters.

But what a difference a day made.

Twenty-four hours later, a man was seen sweeping the streets while protestors stood peacefully in Independence Square.

One protestor was holding a cross.

***CBN News' George Thomas shared his insights on the president's announcement and what the Church is doing to address Ukraine unrest on The 700 Club, Feb. 21.

Calm, at least for now, returned to central Kiev after all-night negotiations with European Union diplomats ended with a political deal. The government agreed to form a new coalition government in 10 days and hold new elections by the end of the year.

The document also promises constitutional reforms to scale back presidential powers, which is a key demand of protestors. Shortly after the agreement was announced, the Ukrainian Parliament acted on its own to restore the constitution that limits presidential powers.

Sergey Rakhuba, a Ukrainian who heads up the U.S.-based Russian Ministries, told CBN News that Ukrainians are not necessarily fighting for some kind of decision about the European Union.

What is the church doing to address Ukraine's unrest? Sergey Rakhuba, president of Russian Ministries, answers this and more on CBN News' CWN Feb 21.

"We are fighting for our freedom, for our rights. We're fighting against unbelievable corruption in our country," he said.

Despite the agreement, many say the reality for Ukraine is that its president now has blood on his hands.

Steve Weber, with CBN Ukraine, said he believes "the 20th of February will go down in Ukrainian history as one of the saddest days ever since independence."

Shocking video released Thursday showed snipers shooting protesters.

Key questions now being asked are: Did President Viktor Yanukovich order the shootings or just allow them to happen?

Will the agreement hold, and how will protesters react? Will they be satisfied? Will Ukrainians stomach the thought of their president remaining in government after Thursday's bloody massacre?

Rakhuba and Ukrainian Christian leaders are calling for prayer.

"Pray that God will bring restoration, reconciliation, but also equip the Church to bring in practical ministry so that the nation will get healed and the church will play the important role in the healing process."

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