Iran Churches Forced to Ban Farsi-Speaking Members


Iran's churches are under pressure from the government to stop holding services in the Farsi language.

According to Mohabat News, St. Peter Church in Tehran was forced to announce that Farsi-speaking Christians are no longer allowed to attend, under pressure from the Revolutionary Guard Intelligence.

The following Sunday, a church custodian refused to allow several Farsi-speaking members to enter the church. Some members had been attending St. Peter Church for more than two decades. Sunday school teachers, elders, and ministers were told they could not enter the building for any reason.

The pastor also announced that all services will now be held in another language.

Iran's Ministry of Intelligence requested the church turn over their personal information, an act intended to intimidate members from attending.

Christians believe the move is an attempt to force churches to close since Farsi is the language spoken by most Iranians. Since the majority of church members are Farsi-speaking, once they are banned, it is likely the church will close down completely.

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