Iran Halts Enrichment as Part of Nuke Deal


The United States will start easing sanctions on Iran after the Iranian regime halted the most controversial part of its uranium enrichment program Monday.

That theoretically means the Islamic Republic will not continue to enrich uranium to the level that can be used to manufacture nuclear weapons, at least not during the six-month negotiated deal with world powers.

Iran took that step -- a key move toward complying with the nuclear deal with the West -- in the presence of international inspectors.

Tehran agreed to that deal to get economic sanctions lifted that have somewhat crippled the economy.

Iranian leaders have also agreed to open their nuclear program to more U.N. inspections during the next six months.

Last week, however, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi told Iranian television it would take less than a day to "return again to 20 percent enrichment," The Daily Beast reported on Friday.

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