S. Sudan Upheaval Disrupting Orphan Ministry


Peace talks taking place in Ethiopia between South Sudan and anti-government forces have stalled again, this time over the release of political prisoners.

The rebel leader, South Sudan's former vice-president Riek Machar, is demanding 11 high-level rebels be set free.

Several dozen people held a peace march in the capital, Juba, on Wednesday to no avail.

Uganda has sent 12,000 troops to help secure places like the airport and the state house. Rebels claim Ugandan military force in South Sudan have been bombing rebel-controlled areas.

However, Uganda denies the accusations, saying its troops are not involved in the fighting.

Violence broke out in South Sudan in mid-December over a political dispute. But the fighting is becoming more about ethnicity than politics, forcing more than 200,000 South Sudanese to flee their homes.

The United States has evacuated most embassy personnel and many Western missionaries have also left the country.

Freddie Power is the founder of Keeping Hope Alive, a Charlotte, N.C.-based ministry that runs an orphanage in South Sudan. She talked more about the situation there and how it's affecting the ministry, on Christian World News, Jan. 10.

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