Ukraine on Verge of 'State of Emergency'


Protestors in Ukraine have had enough with their government and they're done negotiating. Political demonstrations are quickly escalating into a revolution.

"We aren't expecting, we are demanding the resignation of the government, and are calling for new presidential elections and a change in the system overall," one protestor said.

Demonstrators overtook Ukraine's Justice Ministry Sunday night, after opposition leaders rejected an offer by President Viktor Yanukovych to share power.

Protestors now occupy four buildings in Kiev. Justice Minister Olena Lukash said she will declare a state of emergency if they don't retreat.

"I, as part of an operation group to deal with the situation at hand, will have to advise the president of the Ukraine to stop the negotiation process until the Ministry of Justice is completely emptied because negotiations are happening in a peaceful way," Lukash said.

"I will also have to discuss with my colleagues the introduction of a state of emergency," she said.

A state of emergency could make things much worse. Protestors have already clashed repeatedly with police during the past week, leading to three deaths.

Unrest is now spreading from the capitol throughout the country. Violent clashes broke out in two other major cities over the weekend.

Demonstrators are angry at Yanukovych for steering the country away from ties with the West and toward Russia.

"We hope that our government will finally make the right choice," one protestor said. "That they will stop this mess and relinquish their power because there is no way forward for them."

Fears were heightened when Yanukovych forced through anti-protest laws, imposing on the rights of free speech and assembly.

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