Dad Drops 'Muslim' Suit Against Sudan Mother


A lawsuit brought against Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian woman sentenced to death in Sudan, has been dropped.

Reuters reports her Muslim father dropped the lawsuit to formally establish her as his daughter. The move could clear the way for her to finally leave Sudan and come to the United States where her husband is a citizen.

Ibrahim was sentenced to death in May on charges of converting from Islam to Christianity. An appeals court eventually overturned those charges after international outcry, but her Muslim father and his family still maintained a legal case arguing that she belongs to them and the Muslim religion.

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Ibrahim said she is not bound by Sudan's Islamic law because she was born and raised Christian by her mother while her father was out of the picture.

Tina Ramirez, founder of Hardwired, an organization that works to end religious oppression around the world, has been calling for Sudan's government to end its delays and unconditionally release Ibrahim.

During her imprisonment in Sudan, the 27-year-old Ibrahim was forced to give birth to her second child while her legs were shackled.

"Her doctors had advised the prison officials to let her go and deliver at the hospital, and they didn't allow her to, so she actually was chained in both legs and was not able to give birth in the normal manner," Ramirez told CBN News.

Ibrahim has expressed concern that her newborn daughter may suffer disabilities as a result of the difficult labor and delivery circumstances.

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