Persona Non Grata: Islam's Persecution of Christians


More people around the world embrace Christianity than any other religion, and Christians are the most persecuted.

"Persecution of Christians is growing around the world and Congress needs to pay more attention to it.  It needs to be a higher priority issue in our relations with all these countries where this persecution takes place," Elliott Abrams, chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, said.

The plight of Meriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese Christian woman released from prison this week only to be re-arrested later at the airport, is just one high-profile example of the persecution believers face at the hands of Islam.

As the terror group identifying itself as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) sweeps across Iraq, creating a bloodbath, Iraqi Christians are sending out an urgent call for prayer. Tens of thousands of Christians have fled the country so far.

Then there's Egypt. More than 500 Christian women have been kidnapped in that country since 2011 and forced to convert to Islam.

In Nigeria, the terrorist group Boko Haram abducted nearly 300 schoolgirls and has waged a violent campaign against Christians.

In Iran, Pastor Saeed Abedini remains in prison and has endured torture for his Christian faith.
The persecution takes different forms depending on the country where Christians live.
In Pakistan, for example, Christians are tolerated, but they have to be careful about what they say. Simply defending their faith can lead to imprisonment and a possible death sentence there.
Meanwhile, in Somalia, a Muslim who converts from Islam to Christianity can be killed.
Today, Christians face violence, displacement or discrimination in 110 nations around the world.

***CBN News Contributor Raymond Ibrahim talked more about the trials Christians face in various Muslim countries on The 700 Club, June 25.

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