Syria to Miss Chemical Weapons Deadline


Syria will miss the final deadline for destroying its chemical weapons stockpile.

The Unites States and Russia helped broker a United Nations agreement to eliminate all 1,300 tons of the chemicals by June 30.

But with at least a 100 tons remaining, the head of the U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, says the goal will not be met.

"It is imperative that the Syrian Arab Republic concludes remaining removal operations as quickly as possible, as the authorities have pledged to do," Ban said.  "However, it is now evident that some activities related to the elimination of the chemical weapons program of the Syrian Arab Republic will continue beyond June 30, 2014."

The Syrian government says the final stockpile is near Damascus but can't be transported safely.

The remaining chemicals include materials used to create Sarin, the weapon used in the chemical attack last August that triggered the agreement.

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