Australian Missionary Released from N. Korean Prison


North Korea has released a 75-year-old Australian missionary after three weeks in detention.
John Short was arrested Feb. 16 for secretly distributing Bible tracts at a Buddhist temple in Pyongyang.
North Korea deported him Monday morning after he asked for forgiveness and apologized for committing "anti-state religious acts." The country has been known to force apologies under duress in the past. 
Short is now at the Australian consulate in Beijing. His wife Karen said prayer made the difference.
"The prayers of God's people, the support and encouragement has been amazing. I totally believe and know that God was with me through this as the Lord was with John. I wouldn't trade this experience that I've had for anything," she said.
Mrs. Short said she'll head to Beijing Tuesday to meet up with her husband. She said the first thing she's going to do is give him a hug.

Meanwhile, American pastor and tour guide Kenneth Bae remains in one of the communist country's labor camps, forced to live through an eight-year sentence. 
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