Malaysia Jet Search Shifts in Light of New Data


The search for Malaysia Flight 370 shifting closer to Australia Friday. New analysis of radar data shows the plane was going faster than normal and using more fuel, leading authorities to believe the jet crashed earlier than they first believed.

Meanwhile, weather conditions have begun to clear, which will help the search. Another U.S. Navy sub hunter has been ordered to assist.

One of nine planes searching the new area Friday found objects, though the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said on Twitter that it would likely be Saturday before one of the six ships on the way could follow up and determine whether the objects were plane wreckage.

AMSA said the change in search areas came from new information based on continuing analysis of the radar data received soon after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 lost communications and veered from its scheduled path March 8.

The Beijing-bound flight carrying 239 people turned around soon after taking off from Kuala Lumpur, flew west toward the Malacca Strait and disappeared from radar.

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