Muslim Group Blamed for China Train Station Attack


A group of 10 terrorists slashed at least 29 people to death with knives and machetes at a train station in southern China this weekend. Another 143 people were wounded.

Chinese police shot and killed at least four of the attackers and captured one, but said another five were on the loose.

Authorities blame Muslim separatists for the massacre.

The Muslim Uighur people in western China has been fighting for years to break away and establish their own country.

"According to preliminary results, we have found flags at the scene, flags belonging to the East Turkestan Islamic Movement. The authorities are still conducting investigations," Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Qin Gang said.

In past years Uighur separatists have rioted and unleashed random violence against ethnic Chinese people. They've even used terrorist tactics, like a suicide car attack last year.

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