Ukraine Crisis Raises New Concerns for Iran Nuke Talks


Tensions between Russia and Western nations are leading some to worry about the progress in a nuclear agreement with Iran.

Iran gathered with six world powers today, including Russia, the United States, Britain, and Germany. The two sides, Iran and the other countries, hope to reach an agreement by July that would trim and monitor Iran's atomic programs.

The meeting happened a day after the United States and the European Union imposed sanctions on Russia. Michael Mann, EU foreign policy chief spokesman, said the sanctions don't appear to be having an impact of the Iranian talks.

Russia and the United States have different ideas on what Iran should do regarding their nuclear program. Some are concerned those differences will be amplified at the talks because of the crisis in Ukraine.

The Iranian talks are focused on making a deal to curb Iran's nuclear program and end sanctions against Tehran. During the past decade, Iran has expanded nuclear activities but denies any interest in atomic weapons.

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