'Veil of Tears' Unmasks Women's Unspeakable Suffering


Gospel for Asia recently marked International Women's Day by announcing a new documentary about the suffering of women around the world.

Their film, called "Veil of Tears," tells the plight of millions of women who face all kinds of abuse, like dowry-related homicide, bride burning, infanticide, and sex trafficking.

"We have a moral obligation to care for these women, act on their behalf and bring some measure of hope and restoration to their lives," K.P. Yohannan, the founder of Gospel for Asia, said in a press release.

GFA hopes this awareness effort will help increase their ability to minister to the spiritual and practical needs of oppressed women.

The documentary is narrated by Christian recording artist Natalie Grant, who experienced a life-changing trip to India several years ago.

"Not only seeing the oppression of women, but also seeing what hope can do. We have the opportunity to bring hope to these women, and that's the remarkable story of this movie," Grant said.

"Veil of Tears" will be released in 19 cities across the United States on March 28.

Churches can also show a free simulcast from March 26-30. Click here to find out more about how your church can get involved.

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