What Did Pres. Obama Talk about with the Pope?


Differing accounts have emerged after last Thursday's meeting between Pope Francis and President Barack Obama in Italy.

The Pope focused his conversation with President Obama on religious freedom and the right to life, according to the Vatican.

However, the White House reported they talked mainly about fighting poverty and inequality.

The Vatican said the Pope is very concerned about the challenges facing the Church in America when it comes to matters of faith. That is why he stressed "rights to religious freedom, life and, conscientous objection" with the president.

The Church has major disagreements with the Obama administration over abortion and the contraception coverage requirement in Obamacare.  

However, President Obama said he left the meeting with Pope Francis feeling like the pontiff is a little uncomfortable with the trappings of the position.

"That's not his style," Obama said in an interview Friday with "CBS this Morning."

He added that Pope Francis projects humility and has a good sense of humor.

"His simplicity and his belief in the power of the spiritual over the material reflects itself in everything that he says and does," Obama said.
The president also noted people get a sense that Francis sees himself as a priest and disciple of Christ first.

He said he believes it is this impression of the Pope living out his convictions that makes him so popular around the world.

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