Atheists Send Handbooks to British Schools


A group of atheists have sent a free copy of "A Young Atheist's Handbook" to every secondary school in England and Wales, according to a report from Christianity Today.

The British Humanist Association is working with science teacher and blogger Ian Horsewell to get the handbook, written by Alom Shaha, into every school library.

"It seemed to me that the very students who needed to read Alom's book would find it hard to buy for themselves, so instead I wondered if we could place a copy in every secondary school library," Horsewell said.

The group dubbed the campaign "The Young Atheist Handbook for Schools." The handbook is subtitled, "Living a Good Life without God."

"The status of a handbook written by a science teacher from London cannot be compared with that of a sacred Christian text and it cannot in any way be said to be offering balance," Trevor Cooling, professor of Christian education at Canterbury Christ Church University, said.

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