Belgium Launches Manhunt for Jewish Museum Gunman


BRUSSELS -- Belgium has launched a nationwide hunt for a lone gunman who walked into the Jewish museum in Brussels on Saturday and shot to death four people.

Surveillance video of the incident shows a man wearing a baseball cap removing his Kalashnikov rifle from a bag and fatally shooting his four victims before packing it up again and quickly walking away.

Among the dead is an Israeli tourist couple, a French woman, and a Belgian man. One suspect detained by police was released and is now considered a witness.

The tragedy comes as anti-Semitism continues to grow in Europe -- thanks to the influx of Muslim immigrants and by the continued, almost daily, vilification of Israel by Europe's leftwing media and politicians.

Outside Belgium's Supreme Court building in Brussels on Sunday, hundreds gathered to condemn the attack.

"I am here because I found this event quite horrible and I think we need to promote peace and democracy in our country," Brussels resident Rachel De Plaen said.

Rabbi Michoel Rosenblum, director of the EU Jewish Buildings in Brussels, said, "Obviously the pain is excruciating as one can imagine."

"I would like to think and I believe that it is not only the Jew, the rabbi or the Jewish people that feel this way, not only the Belgium people, but the world over that I am sure feels this way -- at least they should," he added.

On the heels of the Brussels attack, two Jewish men were attacked as they left a synagogue in Paris late Saturday.

With growing numbers of Jews already leaving Europe, these latest attacks will likely mean even more will decide they've had enough.

"We have to remember that Europe was built on one promise. This promise is, 'Never Again,'" Joel Rubinfeld, of the Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism, said.

"And today you have people in the street who want to do one more time," he continued. "And if Europe will not be able to deal with this and to win this fight, I think it will be the beginning of the end for Europe."

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