Sudan Backpedals on Freeing Christian Mother


The Sudanese government is retracting a statement made over the weekend that Meriam Ibrahim, who was sentenced to death for her Christian faith, would be freed this week.

On Saturday, international media outlets reported that a Sudanese foreign ministry official said Ibrahim would be freed within days. But Sudan backpedaled, and instead said they will wait for a court to rule on her appeal.

Her lawyers quickly downplayed Saturday's announcement, saying it was a ploy to silence the media on the issue.

The report comes amid international outrage over her death sentence. Ibrahim gave birth to a baby girl last Tuesday while shackled to her prison floor.

CBN News has learned that her husband was allowed to visit his wife and child.

They've named the new baby 'Maya.'

Ibrahim faces death for apostasy from Islam. Since her father was a Muslim, the courts don't recognize her marriage to Daniel Wani, an American who is a Christian.

She was also sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery. Ibrahim and her first child, a 20-month-old son, have been in jail since February.

CBN News Chief International Correspondent Gary Lane recently talked with her brother-in-law Gabriel Wani.

Click play to find out how Meriam and her family are holding on to their faith.

Join in the fight to free Meriam Ibrahim. Sign the petition with the American Center for Law and Justice here.

Meanwhile, the National Religious Broadcasters is also calling on the United States to defend Ibrahim.

"We find it unconscionable and intolerable that the Sudanese government would violate its own law and international covenants by treating any individual with such enmity and abuse because of her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ," NRB President and CEO Jerry A. Johnson said. "We urge that the United States act expeditiously in defense of Mrs. Ibrahim, Mr. Wani, and their little ones."

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