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Fmr. Al Qaeda Jihadist Turned CIA Spy Talks Islamic Terror


Can ISIS be defeated? What drives their evil ideology? Is President Barack Obama telling the American people the truth about the dangers we face? And should Muslims do more to speak out against these radical Islamic terrorists?

To answer these questions, CBN News turned to someone who has witnessed first-hand the deep conflict between Islamic jihadists and Western intelligence services.

Morten Storm is a former Islamic jihadist who become an al Qaeda agent. After months of soul-searching, he renounced Islam and become a double agent, joining the CIA and Britain's intelligence services as a spy.

He has written a book about his intriguing life called Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA.

CBN's Senior International Reporter George Thomas spoke to Storm from an undisclosed location about his former life as a jihadist and CIA spy. He also described in detail the challenges the world faces in defeating radical Islam.

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