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Will Vigil for ISIS Victims Get Pope's Attention?


The Iraqi Christian Relief Council hosted a vigil for victims of ISIS, hoping to get the pope's attention as he comes to visit the United States.

They're calling on people of all faiths to pray Pope Francis will lend his voice to the thousands of victims suffering religious persecution and genocide in the Middle East.

"I welcome Pope Francis to Washington and I call on him as the worldwide leader of the Catholic church to lead the way for the body of the Christ around the world in speaking out for the persecuted Church and other religious minorities," said Faith McDonnell, director of the Religious Liberty Institute on Religion and Democracy.

The vigil honored the courage of those who have endured religious persecution, and it called for continued prayer for those in the Middle East being killed and tortured for their faith.

"It is imperative that we have people of faith standing up for and giving voice to those who are being silenced," Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, said.

"I pray the pope when he's here will speak to this crisis, that he will lend his voice in this fashion," he continued.

The pope will address the president, Congress, Senate, and religious leaders throughout the week.

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