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Ethiopia Mourns ISIS Christian Executions


Dozens of Ethiopian families are reeling after their loved ones were slaughtered by ISIS in Libya.

Several wakes have already been held by grieving families.

The Islamic State shot and beheaded 28 Ethiopian Christians over the weekend, releasing a video of the bloody executions.

The video shows masked terrorists leading prisoners in black jumpsuits along a beach, shooting them in the back of the head, beheading them and then placing their severed heads on their bodies. 

A masked jihadist with an American accent delivers a long statement warning Christians they won't be safe until they "embrace Islam."

"You will not have safety, even in your dreams, until you accept Islam," he declares, aiming his weapon at the camera. "To the nation of the cross, we are back again."

Ethiopia's government declared a three-day mourning period in the predominantly Christian country.

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