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UK Students Vote to Ban Bibles from Dorms


Students at a Welsh university voted to ban Bibles from residence halls in the name of "multiculturalism."

Placing Gideon Bibles in dorm rooms is a long-standing tradition at Aberystwyth University, the alma mater of Britain's Prince Charles, the Daily Mail reported.

But following a decision by the Student Union alleging that Bibles could offend non-Christians, they will be removed at the end of this academic year.

John Morgan, who proposed the change, said Bibles "could be offensive for some and [the] university should provide a safe space for students to explore and develop their beliefs in a neutral environment," adding that Bibles should still be available for those who wish to have them.

James Catford, an alumnus who now leads the Bible Society, disagreed.

"The answer to a diverse and multicultural society is not to remove all traces of diversity," Catford said. "That seems illiberal and intolerant."

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