British Woman's Note Links Suicide to Her Abortion


A young mother in Britain has committed suicide after aborting her second child.

The Daily Mail and other British newspapers are reporting that 21-year-old Jade Rees left a suicide note in which she wrote of her struggle after her abortion.

The Mail reports that an inquest into her death also noted that she had a history of eating disorders and depression.

Dr. David C. Reardon, a biomedical ethicist and director of the Springfield, Illinois-based Eliot Institute, researches the effects of abortion on women.

He told CBN News "there's very clear, strong evidence of a causal link" between abortion and suicide.

He cautioned, however, against considering abortion to be the sole cause of any suicide, noting that multiple factors usually contribute.

When abortion is discussed in a suicide note he said it is "clearly a trigger" although other issues can play-in.

Reardon cites numerous studies that demonstrate a relationship between abortion and suicide, including a 2014 Finnish study that showed women with a recent abortion have a three-fold risk for suicide compared to non-pregnant women.

Counseling services for post-abortive women are offered across the country. The Eliot Institute cautions women to investigate their options carefully as some services offer a pro-choice viewpoint and others offer a pro-life outlook.

Books and other resources are also available for women struggling with grief, sadness, and other emotions following their abortion.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you or someone you love is struggling with grief and guilt following an abortion, please call CBN's Prayer Center where someone will be there to talk with you, pray with you, and offer you more information on getting help.

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