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Indonesia Christian Governor's Election Loss God's Purpose


Find out what Lucille Talusan reports may happen now that jakarta's Christian governor has lost the gubernatorial election by watching Gary Lane's full interview with her above.

Indonesia's Christian governor believes God has a purpose in his recent election loss and the vote result was the Lord's handiwork.

CBN News Asia Correspondent Lucille Talusan says Jakarta governor Basuki  Purnama—also known as Ahok remains upbeat because of his strong Christian faith. However, she says many moderate Muslims and Christians are disappointed that he lost the election to former Minister of Education and Culture Anias Rasyid Baswedan. 

Baswedan was removed from his cabinet position after Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Committee accused him of misappropriating department funds. He also faces allegations of violating Indonesia's campaign election laws.  

Talusan reports  Ahok was popular with Muslims and Christians alike because he took a strong, moral stand against corruption and worked hard to implement projects that benefited the people.

So why did he lose to a candidate accused of corruption?

A politically motivated blasphemy trial against him took a toll on Ahok's favorability ratings.

Talusan reports there are still many Indonesians who view his trial and election loss as setbacks for democracy. They wonder if an ethnic Chinese Christian can ever be elected to high political office in the world's most populous Muslim country.

"The radical Muslims have won, "she said. " They have proven they have strength and power."

Talusan reports the militant groups that opposed Ahok are politically astute and good at mobilizing grassroots voters to get what they want.

Six months remain in Ahok's term before Baswedan is sworn in as governor.

But Talusan suspects Ahok may not give up on serving his country through politics.
"He believes that one day God will bring him back to his calling and the first thing in his heart is to serve the people of Indonesia."

A court ruling in Ahok's blasphemy trial is expected next month. 

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