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This Week: Exclusive - Inside a Secret IDF Mission, Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen, and One Woman's Incredible Walk for Water


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This week on CBN News Showcase, an exclusive look at what up to now was a secret I.D.F. mission.  It's a one of a kind story combining the Israel Defense Forces, a Christian ministry, the brutality of the Syrian Civil War and the hand of God at work in all of this.

And the growing humanitarian crisis in Yemen is growing worse every day. Fueled by an on-going civil war, blockades and one of the world's largest cholera outbreaks, the situation seems hopeless.  But one pastor says the prayer and actions of Christians can make a difference.

Plus, can you imagine having to walk miles every day, just to get water for yourself and your family?  Sometimes it isn't even clean or safe.  However, it's the reality for many people living in sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world.  Meet the woman who's walked around 190,000 miles for water in her lifetime.

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