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UK Churches Choose Courage Over Fear


Despite enduring two terror attacks in one month, a group of UK Christians are working hard to spread a message of love.   

The threat level remains “severe” while police and citizens are on alert after an attack last Saturday took the lives of eight people in London.

The London attack came on the heels of another that took place in Manchester two weeks before.

In that incident, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb outside of an Ariana Grande concert.  Twenty-two people were killed. 

Heather Staff, a human rights activist and member of the UK’s Christians in Politics told CBN News both incidents, while devastatingly tragic, have provided the church an opportunity to show Christ’s love.

“You are seeing churches being much more involved with people, caring for them,” noted Staff.

“Particularly in Manchester, we’ve seen churches like the Vineyard Movement who were out on the street almost immediately after the attack up there. Whether that was in terms of helping people give blood, giving lifts, whether it was just offering a shoulder to cry on, hearing people’s stories, making food for people and particularly becoming a place that is welcoming,” Staff described.

She says while there have been reports of hate crimes following the terror attacks; they only further the resolve of the Christians.  

“We have seen a rise in hate crimes as a result of the attack. People are picking up signs saying let’s be hospitable. Let’s feed the hungry. Let’s talk to people. We are certainly seeing the church playing a much more active role in that which is fantastic,” she said.

After both attacks, Staff said congregations increased with people just wanting to be in a place that was safe and gave hope.

She also said a bold group of Christians are taking a message of Christ in to areas others fear to tread.

“There are distinct areas in London that have different population groups. You can obviously feel that and know that.  There are some great churches in those communities working alongside in trying to do something different in that community to make sure there aren’t those so called ‘no go areas.’” Staff described.  

She said bold living and venturing into the unknown is exactly what the UK needs right now.

“I think it’s important we don’t give into fear. We exhale fear and we inhale courage. That’s exactly what churches should be doing and are doing,” Staff noted.   

Adding that a conversation needs to be had and that Christians need to be fearless and determined to reach out to non-Christians including Muslims.




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