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ISIS Attacks Unleashed in Southeast Asia


JAKARTA, Indonesia-- In the aftermath of the suicide bombing in Manchester, ISIS has unleashed terror in other parts of the world.
A bombing in Indonesia and the murder of innocent Christians in the Philippines have law enforcement officials on alert and Asians on edge.

In Marawi city in southern Philippines, more than 60 people are dead as clashes continue between law enforcers and the Maute militant group. The Maute are members of the dreaded Abu Sayyaf that have pledged allegiance to ISIS. 

US-trained special forces are fighting their way to retake the city that is being rampaged by the Maute terrorists. Hundreds of residents have fled in fear as they burned schools, churches, houses and a city jail. 

At a Maute checkpoint, nine Christians were forced out of their truck, hogtied and shot. 

A priest was also taken hostage by the terrorists. 

Sister Mary John Mananzan of Marawi asked people to pray, "St. Mary's Church was burned. Hostages were taken. One of them is Father Chito. We don't know what his fate is going to be."

Marawi city and the whole southern island of Mindanao are now under martial law to help solve terrorism and stop the group from spreading to other parts of the island. 

Meanwhile in the neighboring country of Indonesia, three police officers were killed and 10 injured in a suicide bomb attack in east Jakarta. Human body parts and broken glass were scattered on the road causing panic and fear among residents and commuters.

The two bombs exploded at a bus terminal and authorities said the attack was carried out by terrorists linked to the ISIS network, as part of their global plan. It's been done already in Britain, and then in the Philippines and now here in Indonesia. 

One woman was heard sobbing over the casket of her dead husband. She was among relatives mourning the death of the police officers. 

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has ordered a thorough investigation of the attacks and asked residents to remain calm and united against terrorism. 

What is alarming is that before the blast, children who identified themselves to be part of a Muslim radical group that is linked to ISIS were parading the streets chanting and shouting "Kill Ahok, kill Ahok". Ahok is the Christian governor of Jakarta who was jailed for blasphemy against the Quran. 

Authorities are still investigating if the parade was connected to the bombing. 

In the midst of the conflicts and the problems that Indonesia is currently facing, CBN Indonesia Country Manager, Mark McClendon remained hopeful.

"There are times when it seems that darkness is winning and terrorism is going to invade, he said. " But God is able to redeem that. The church in Indonesia is a praying church and God will answer the prayer of the church. And we will see Indonesia come through this."

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