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Caribbean Churches Devastated by Hurricane Irma: 'It Looks Like We Were Struck by a Nuclear Bomb'


Hurricane Irma destroyed countless churches when it ripped through the Caribbean islands last week, leaving many local Christians unsure about how they'll rebuild. 

More than a dozen islands were devastated by the storm, but Anguilla was one of islands hit the hardest.

"The island looks as if had been struck by a nuclear bomb," Emerson Boyce, secretary general of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean told CBN News. 

Boyce says, on some islands, 80 to 90 percent of the buildings were completely destroyed by the hurricane. 

"As a result of this, we are still seeking and trying to establish communication," he says. "We are not getting through by internet or telephone."

Therefore, the only way the remaining churches can possibly communicate with each other is by sending people to physically go from island to island to assess the damage. 

Pentecostal and other Pprotestant groups are the hardest hit. They make up approximately 75 percent of the Christian population.

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