Left Homeless by Mexico Quake, Families Find Help from CBN


Walking down the streets of Chicapa de Castro requires a lot of imagination.
That´s the only way to picture how this little town in southern Mexico looked before an 8.2 earthquake destroyed so many homes.
Vicenta Diaz was in her bed when the quake struck and her quick response saved her life when bricks tumbled onto her bed.  
"I was sleeping when I felt the earthquake and I ran out of the house as quick as I could. We heard a noise and when I came back in I saw the rocks had broken my bed. I could be dead now," she said.
Now, survivors like Diaz are looking for help.

"I´m looking for water to drink, because the wells are empty and we are sick, but we have not found yet," Virginia Aquino said.
Arcela Lopes said: "We are sad, we need help, the children don´t have food, we have nothing, we are sleeping under a tree."
"We left home at seven to look for some food for our children, but we have not found anything yet. But we will keep looking," Nicolas Lopez said.
 The family's home doesn't look damaged at first sight, but on closer inspection the main stone beam is cracked and unstable. It is easy to understand why they don´t want to go in.
The family is waiting for government aid to rebuild their home, but in the meantime there are more immediate needs.
"We all have problem to find food, because there is no job.  Everything is paralyzed," Nicolas said.
CBN Disaster Relief came to the community to install a soup kitchen and, working with volunteers, the ministry started preparing hot meals for the victims of the earthquake.
Nicoás, Arcela and their children came too.
"I´m very thankful for this food that came right on time for my children," Nicolas said.
For them, the aid is more than food, it's spiritual comfort as well.
"They also feel my sadness, thank you so much, I have no words to express my gratitude," Arcela said.

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