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Denmark Proposes Banning Islamic Full-Face Coverings

Muslim Woman
Muslim Woman
The Danish government has proposed banning Islamic full-face veils in public places.
According to the Independent, the government said it's planning to fine people who wear burqas and niqabs.
The niqab covers the face but leaves the eyes clear; burqas are most concealing, leaving just a mesh screen to see through.
The Danish People's Party is pushing the restrictions.
Justice Minister Justice Soren Pape Poulsen told the Independent that the veils are "incompatible with the values of the Danish society."
"With a ban, we draw a line in the sand and establish that here in Denmark we show each other trust and respect by meeting each other face to face," he said.
The law would apparently affect fewer than 200 women, studies show.
Other countries that ban Islamic women's clothing include France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and the German state of Bavaria.
Other less-concealing headgear will remain legal including the headscarfs like the hijab, al-amira, and shayla, which don't cover the face.

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