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British Store Takes 'Mom' Out of Mother’s Day to be Inclusive of Transgenders


As many celebrate March as Women's History month, one retailer in the United Kingdom seeks to nullify the importance of dear old mom by removing her from “Mother’s Day” cards.

The London Times reports the Waitrose grocery chain has opted to sell “Happy You Day” cards in order to be more inclusive of transgenders.

The mega retailer boasts 353 shops throughout England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands with more than seven million loyal customers.

The grocer prides itself on providing healthy food alternatives to its customers. It won the Good Housekeeping Food Award for 2017.

But while this green grocer focuses on providing nutritional food, some say this move to push out mom takes a dig at their biggest customers.

Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America thinks we ought to remember that being a mother is not a light task.

She says being a mom is “a badge of honor that denotes love, commitment, sacrifice, and comfort among so many other things.” 

Nance argues society should note that moms are often unsung heroes and that “Mothers are an essential and irreplaceable part of a child's life. They sacrifice on a daily basis for the betterment of their child and they deserve to be honored and respected.”

Some may think society is taking a turn for the worst by watering down the importance of mothers and the feminine influence in culture.

Cathy Ruse, Senior Legal Fellow at the Family Research Council, warns society to open their eyes to the attack on women.

"This is why some feminists say the transgender project amounts to ‘female erasure.’ If we can’t even make reference to a ‘pregnant woman’ – if we have to say ‘pregnant person’ – then we are, literally, erasing ‘women.’ “And now we are erasing “mothers” on what is meant to be a special day for us, Mother’s Day," she said in a statement. 

Nance encourages readers to see that "Mother's Day is a wonderful celebration of all mothers.”

She calls on clear-minded individuals to see that “in attempting to remove the essential part of Mother's Day - the mothers - these activists are forcing a frankly ridiculous notion upon the public” adding “It would laughable if it weren't real.”

Ruse agrees that this is a push to remove women

“Transgender ideology is taking away the ‘safe spaces’ for women when it puts biological men in women’s locker rooms. It is un-leveling the playing fields when it forces biological girls to compete against taller, stronger biological boys," she added.  "And now it’s taking away a sweet holiday meant for children to celebrate the love and sacrifice of the lady who brought them into the world.”

According to Nance, moms deserve at least one day of recognition and encourages people to “Keep Mother's Day as it is and honor mothers and honor their unique femininity as integral to their motherhood."

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