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  • We never know the potential in the one person God uses us to influence.

  • By now, we have seen the occurrences of some very significant events that convince me that these are the last days.

  • "Cars 3" is a fun, entertaining movie with strong moral lessons reflecting redemptive truths. But, is it safe for the whole family?

  • katyperryap

    Katy Perry Says the 'Grace of God' Brought Her Through Suicidal Depression

    Pop star Katy Perry talks faith, depression, God, and family in rare video.  

  • The Apostle Paul talked about truth and beauty in pop culture, and we can too. So, let's look at five insights Christians can agree with in Patty...

  • Learn seven absolutes that will help you lay a solid foundation of healthy eating without having to ever second guess it.

  • Forgiveness isn’t always easy, but remember there is supernatural help available when we choose to ask for it.

  • After walking several thousand steps a day, our feet have endured some travel time and need some TLC. It is expected that in our lifetime, we will...

  • A world war is now underway on many battlefields. This ‘war on cash’ is an invasion by government money-snatchers and cyber-hackers that now...

  • Cutting expenses is the way to spend less so you have money to save, but unless you are actually putting it aside for some future use, you’re not...

  • Jack spent seven months finding a new job, only to lose it two months later. Jack had a history of not making it through the probationary period, and...

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