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  • There is a transformation by the Spirit of God of our lives that is tantamount to a second birth.

  • Be still. That’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

  • Genesis 36-38; Matthew 10:21-42

  • Have you ever asked the question, "If God gives me the desires of my heart, why am I still single?"

  • Man sneaking cake

    Stick to Those New Year's Resolutions

    Fallen off of the bandwagon already? Get back on track with some advice from Dr. Linda Mintle.

  • Encourage and develop leadership qualities in the next generation.

  • It has been ten years since Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger successfully landed a malfunctioning U.S. Airways flight on the bitter cold waters...

  • Sheila Walsh talks about simple steps to pursue Christ in her latest book.

  • CBN.com recently sat down with Dove Award winner Jordan Feliz to discuss his new album, Future, how his prospering music career almost didn’t get off...

  • Willpower drives us to eat more and more. When we feel we can’t control much in our lives, we cling to the notion that no one can tell us how to eat...

  • In our busy, over-committed world, laughter seems to have been lost along the way. We don’t find much of it in our everyday lives. We have to choose...

  • It’s nice to snuggle up in those flannel PJs, wrap yourself in your favorite thermal quilt, pop some popcorn, watch old movies by a flickering, warm...

  • Everything seemed good and getting better in ancient Egypt, the richest land on Earth. Surely this prosperity would last forever, most believed....

  • Followers of Christ should modify this popular financial concept and use these three money management priorities.

  • Ministers aren’t taxed like anyone else . . . which means they have some unique challenges at tax time. Are you ready?

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