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  • Find peace and comfort during CBN’s Seven Days Ablaze, a special week of prayer and ministry for our partners.

  • God’s instructions are clear as to how to pray, who to pray for, when to pray, where to pray, and what you should pray for.

  • Happy guy

    Turning a Bad Day into a Good Day

    Here are a few tips to help you start the day well or even turn a bad day around...

  • Broken heart

    All Emotion Is Useful

    While we would all prefer joy over sadness, delight over despair, even uncomfortable feelings have value.

  • Reserving alone time for God can seem nearly impossible when you're sleep-deprived with an infant or working full time, but it's just worth it.

  • As if it were ripped from the headlines, "Daily Bread" -- a new faith-based online series -- imagines a world that's gone dark.

  • Mac Powell, Matt Maher, and Ellie Holcomb recorded one of his never-released songs, one that confers on us the grace, love, and joy of Jesus.

  • babyrescue

    The Movie That Saved More Than a Thousand Lives

    There’s a little independent film you can still catch on Netflix and DVD that’s actually saved more than a thousand babies.

  • Learn simple, practical information to help protect yourself from Alzheimer’s, stroke, brain aging, and more with this FREE DVD featuring experts in...

  • Consider the following suggestions to help you cope with the strong urges to overeat. 1. Give definition to your mealtime. Have regularly...

  • Women are not the only ones out there who care about what they look like, right? Men have mirrors, too; they just don’t verbalize how much they care...

  • A world war is now underway on many battlefields. This ‘war on cash’ is an invasion by government money-snatchers and cyber-hackers that now...

  • Overscheduled. Overworked. Overcommitted. Overwhelmed. Sound familiar? Many of us find ourselves running from one activity to another, feeling...

  • What past circumstances and situations have caused you to throw in the towel and turn to credit as the easy way out? 

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