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Episode 1

She’s a Ronette, and a member of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He’s a Scotsman, and an award-winning radio and television host. Together theirs is a romance and marriage of more than fifty years. Our Times with Scott and Nedra Ross is a conversational podcast where stories about love, music, people and culture meet.   

Episode 1: Ground Zero and the Aftermath of 9/11

Everyone remembers where they where on 9/11.

Tuesday morning, September 11th, 2001 Scott Ross was preparing to travel to North Carolina for an interview when his crew was suddenly diverted to New York City. Thirty-six  hours later, Scott joined his videographers in NYC, his wife, Nedra’s hometown and the city where they first met. As Scott crossed the George Washington Bridge, lower Manhattan was shrouded in an eerie, expansive dust plume, as it came into view.

The devastation was surreal at first, and then, up close, became shockingly real. For the next twenty days, Scott interviewed survivors and 1st Responders from the World Trade Center towers on the unfathomable horror they had experienced. Shock. Disbelief. Gratitude. Sorrow. Rage. Each survivor’s or 1st responder’s interview was a tangled mess of emotions much like what remained of the great towers themselves. 

Our Times revisits one of Scott’s original interviews with World Trade Center survivor, Sujo John, and in an updated interview Scott and Nedra explore how 9/11 altered Sujo's life forever. Sujo survived the World Trade Center collapse, and now has dedicated his life to rescuing women out of sex trafficking in red light districts around the world. 



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