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A Decade of Pain Ends with One Prayer

For 10 years, Pamela suffered daily from atrial fibrillation, a condition that brings on sudden, rapid heart rate. “The A-fib would last from 4 hours to 24 hours. On a 24 hour day, I would about be able to do not much more than sit on the sofa. And it would make me flushed and sweaty or really chilled. And I’d get very light headed and I’d feel so very, very weak,” recalls Pamela. “It was downright, bottom line, very miserable and very debilitating.”

Most medications brought on severe allergic reactions or side effects, so doctors performed a procedure known as an ablation, but it failed. During this time, Pamela and her husband Jamie would pray together. “We did a lot of praying because she was very uncomfortable all the time,” shares Jamie. “She didn’t have the presence of mind to even ask me to pray for her. But I would. I don’t know if she really heard me or not, but God heard me.”

They also watched the 700 Club every day.  On July 30, 2015, Terry Meeuwsen had a word of knowledge. “There is someone you’ve been diagnosed with a defective problem with your heart. It is affecting the rhythm of your heart, your energy and your breathing. God is healing that for you right now.”

 “She said, ‘Just receive now. Lift up your hands and receive it now,’ And I sure didn’t want to pass that up. So I did,” shares Pamela. “I knew the Lord was doing something and He really did. He was repairing me.”

At her next doctor’s visit, Pamela’s heart rate had dropped from 150 to 70.  Today she still shows no signs of her condition. “It’s months and months later, now I’ve had no A-fibs. Nothing,” says Pamela. “This was absolutely a miracle, not just a miracle but a re-creative miracle; because I was born with the problem. It was in my DNA. The Lord did a re-creative miracle on the inside of my heart to repair it to the point where I feel like a normal human being.”

“You think the Lord is not constantly knowing exactly where you are? Where your heart is and where you mind is? And knowing what your needs are? I think we need to condition ourselves and program ourselves so that we can take from Him what He’s wanting to give us,” reveals Pamela.

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