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If Your Home Had No Door

Monica is a single mom with five kids. Her door-less shanty could not protect her family from the weather or thieves.



Something as basic as a front door would make Monica Vasquez's life a little better. Recently, some people got into the house to steal things. And as you can see, we don't have a door. The fabric walls don't provide any protection from robbers, either. When it rains, water leaks in everywhere. The house stays damp for days, then the kids get sick. In fact, my oldest son has sinus problems because of the dampness. And the other one is having asthma problems. As a single mother, sometimes it's very hard for her to hold it all together. When their father left us for another woman, he left us alone, by ourselves. So when Operation Blessing showed up with construction volunteers, they went to work on Monica's humble home. They tore it all down, jack-hammered it up, and hauled it away. Monica's boys did some of the work, too. In a matter of days, Monica's family went from living in that old open leaky shack to this colorful cottage. Now, Monica has a beautiful little home of her own. There is a warm bedroom loft for the children. It has a living room and a tiled bathroom. In the kitchen, there is running water and a stove. They enjoy meals together at the family table. I realize today that God does exist, and He is very big. A thousand thank-you's to Operation Blessing.


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