President Trump’s Filter: America The Beautiful

In tonight’s speech to a joint session of Congress, President Trump will talk about the, renewal of the American Spirit.” So what does that mean exactly? 

You have to remember that Trump was born in 1946. He’s 70 years old and remembers a time in America where we were strong, respected and things were a whole lot simpler. He speaks fondly on General Patton who had no desire to cave to political correctness. 

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann told me last year that Trump has, ‘”1950’s sensibilities.” She explains it this way: “He really does believe in a strong America because he grew up being proud of the United States, a 'John Wayne America' where today a lot of kids are taught unfortunately that the United States is an evil country and that somehow we've hurt the rest of the world. That's one of the biggest lies young people are being told. We have been a force for good.”

So how does that translate into policy? Look at his budget where he’s calling for a, “big league” increase in military spending. But also don’t lose sight of this fact: Trump is no-nonsense and doesn’t have time for political games. That’s part of the, “renewal of the American spirit’ because he wants to bring back a time in America where we didn’t worry so much about political correctness and hurting people’s feeling but instead concentrate on working hard, getting results and not being ashamed to put America first. 




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