Take It from Someone Who Used to Talk to Satan: Halloween Is a Bad Idea

On Halloween, some kids will dress up as devils and go trick-or-treating. But an ex-Satanist is warning Christians against doing that.

For John Ramirez, the Devil was more than a costume.  He was his father. In fact, he even got married on Halloween in a demonic ceremony.

Then one day, he walked into a church to give his life to God and everything changed. Now he warns Christians about dabbling with the darkness. 

Ex-Satanist Warns Christians Against Giving the Devil Accidental Authority on Halloween

Opinions differ among church leaders and churchgoers alike about whether Christians should celebrate Halloween. But Ramirez, who's now an evangelist, says believers should not celebrate it.

How did he come to that conclusion? He says he used to talk to the Devil himself and says "trick or treating" is something to be taken very seriously. 




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