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Could You Feed Your Family on $50 a Month?

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

There is only one thing that Eduardo and Jair’s think about as they walk to school each morning:  FOOD.   Once there, they receive their FIRST and sometimes ONLY meal of the day: a sandwich provided by the government.  But some days the government food doesn’t come.
“On the days when there’s no food my stomach hurts and I feel sick,” said Jair, the younger of the two boys. 
The brothers live their mom Leyla, a single parent, and their grandma. Ever since Leyla got laid off from the factory, they’ve missed a lot of meals. Several time Leyla begged a neighbor to hire her.  

“I told her that I did not have any food to give to my children,” she told us. “I asked her to let me wash clothes and clean her house.”

Leyla’s income, on average, is only about $50 dollars a month.  Jair, 8, knows how tough things are so he doesn’t mind pitching in to help.  

“I like to go to the hill to pick firewood with my grandma,” he said. “That gives us money to buy some food.”

“I used kneel down and pray at night after the kids went to bed,” said Leyla. “I begged God to make our suffering stop.”
Then one morning Jair’s older brother, Eduardo, was so weak from not eating that he fainted at school.  Jair panicked.

"I didn’t realize that he had fainted,” said Jair. “I thought he was dying. I was so scared I started to cry.”
A few days later Operation Blessing learned that the family was starving and provided some help.  We gave them some emergency food.  Next we gave Leyla and her mom everything needed to start a business making and tortillas and tamales.

Every day Leyla and her mom makes a large batch of both, and after school, the boys help their mom to sell them on their new bicycle: another gift from Operation Blessing. 

“Everybody loves mom`s tortillas and we usually sell all of them!” said Jair.  

The family now earns $200 dollars a month and sometimes more!  And Jair has never gone to school hungry again.

 “Thanks Operation Blessing for helping my mom and thanks for my new bike!” said the boy with a smile.

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