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Greg Matthews shares how an attack by a grizzly bear led to an unexpected encounter with God.


After 10 years, Dave and Ann had opposite views of their marriage. They both had regrets, but now they share the secret that changed their marriage.


Louie Giglio discusses understanding the character of God as a perfect father who wants you to live under his blessing.


A young pastor shares his terrifying journey of conquering tongue cancer and making a comeback to sing again. 

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Many skin problems are the result of not having enough good bacteria on our skin and in our bodies.

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Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker-Smith shares how facing her painful memories led to redemption and hope.

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Often the free lunch Jair got at school had to last him all day. His mother begged from neighbors, and he helped his grandmother gather wood to earn a few dollars. But they couldn’t survive like this. God bless friends like you for reaching out to Jair’s family!

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