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Jean and her late husband adopted three siblings but found it hard to make ends meet. After bankruptcy and becoming a widow, Jean placed her trust in God and followed a money strategy that she says changed everything. It can work for you too.


Chris went into his construction business with high hopes. When the recession hit, he had serious choices to make. Despite the money hardship, he followed a strategy that he says is the key to overcoming financial strain. Learn from his story.


Manya was only a child when the Nazis invaded her native Ukraine, forcing 22 people to live in a tiny house. Memories of the hunger and horrors still haunt her even after years of living in Israel. Age has brought new pain into her life as Manya struggles alone to walk and care for herself. Thank you for helping CBN reach out to her with love, comfort and care. Watch now!


Anastasia was the school bully, saying that’s the way others treated her. But after she bullied Sasha, Sasha’s mom came up with a brilliant plan that changed the bully’s life for good. Watch her amazing transformation!

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Democrat House managers began their opening arguments Wednesday afternoon in the impeachment trial of President Trump, laying out their case as to why they think the President should be removed from office. 

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After Ellen’s husband died, she was overwhelmed with responsibility and had to make some tough choices. One of the choices she made changed her life and has ensured all her needs are met. She shares it in her story. Watch now.

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Martina, a widow living in Guatemala, struggled to feed her two sons after her husband died. A kind neighbor let her pick a few ears of corn during harvest, but for most of the year, hunger was an everyday occurrence. Does anyone have the solution? You do! Take a look at Martina today!

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