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Ann and Isak Pretorius discuss Peter Pretorius’ 30-year ministry in Africa and his new book, Death-Defying Faith.


An inside look at Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that saves child sex trafficking victims, through the eyes of founder Tim Ballard. 


Hope was nearly immobile after her hip began to give out, until one day she didn’t have to worry about the pain any more.


Cody was pulled from a vehicle-fire with burns covering half his body. Doctors said the recovery would be painful and uncertain, but his faith saw him through.

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"Adulting" Classes help Millennials learn basic life skills, like money management, meal preparation, unclogging a sink and other skills their parents never taught them.

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After 10 years of trying to have a baby, Scott and Renee turned to foster care and adoption. Now they encourage others to do the same.

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A missionary returned to his homeland of Senegal, Africa, to find the soil dry and barren, and he struggled to make a difference. Then came an unexpected outpouring of love from the four corners of the world!

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