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They’re ages 4–10, and these boys love CBN’s animated Bible adventures. Parents Jason and Rachel have strong views about what their boys should watch before bedtime. Hear the kids’ reviews and why their parents look to Superbook to help them teach life lessons.


With little money and a struggling business, Charles and Julianne were losing hope. They tried something new with the little they had and saw amazing results! Find out what they did.


Brenda has a heart for abandoned kids in Uganda. When her landlord threatened to kick her out with her 90 charges, she didn’t know what to do. Then she was diagnosed with cancer and needed medical help. CBN’s Orphan’s Promise reached out to her with an unexpected blessing, and she wants to say thanks!


First a roaring sound, then a huge crack! Steve and his family described the horrific sound of four huge trees crashing down on their Flordia home during the height of Hurricane Michael. Grateful for his survival, Steve turned his attention to cleaning up. Debris removal would cost thousands. Then a crew arrived and surprised him!

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"It's absurd that her decision to teach art to children at a Christian school, and the school's religious beliefs, are under attack," says Kara Brooks, the communications director for Mrs. Pence.

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Chantel is a successful real estate agent, but it wasn’t always that way. Success for her used to be having food to eat and a roof over her head. See how she went from just getting by to having a thriving career.

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At first his father refused to even pick him up. His mother covered the baby’s mouth, afraid that others would call him “monster.” This impoverished family in China feared their child would choke to death on his food. Often he suffered from pneumonia. See the change in this family when CBN partners provided corrective surgery for their boy.

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