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Hugh Ross discusses how God’s nearness is a comforting thread through the Bible.


Singer Jaci Velasquez discusses her career, marriage, and divorce, and how God renewed her life. 


SQuire Rushnell and Louis DuArt share about their latest Hallmark movie with Kathie Lee Gifford, debuting on November 17th, 2019.


The Los Angeles Rams Cooper Kupp is among the NFL’s most productive receivers. Raised from NFL bloodlines and overcoming a torn ACL, Cooper lives with Jesus Christ as his playmaker!

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Saudi Arabia represents a key nation in the heart of the Middle East and the desert kingdom is going through dramatic economic and social changes that could change the region and its relationship with Israel. 

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Marilyn Hickey looks back at her 45 year ministry and recounts the miracles and supernatural events she’s witnessed while traveling to some of the most dangerous parts of the world to share the gospel.

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Putri watched two episodes of CBN’s Superbook in Indonesia, and she enthusiastically received Christ’s redeeming love. Amazingly, when she shared her excitement with her dad, he recalled a dream he had. What happened next will encourage you, because you are sending Superbook around the world!

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