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Belinda was a struggling single mother who wanted more than poverty in her future. She did one thing faithfully every month and now she and her husband own five businesses and are now millionaires. Hear her story.


Putri watched two episodes of CBN’s Superbook in Indonesia, and she enthusiastically received Christ’s redeeming love. Amazingly, when she shared her excitement with her dad, he recalled a dream he had. What happened next will encourage you, because you are sending Superbook around the world!


A single mom struggled to provide for her ailing mother and young son while paying off debt, including her mother’s medical bills. She worked part-time at a restaurant, often borrowing money from friends. Sinking deeper in debt, she was losing hope. But you and CBN’s Orphan’s Promise knew exactly what she needed! 


Barbara struggled being self-employed and accrued nearly $100,000 in debt after her appendix burst. Despite many hardships, she stayed true to one belief that made her dreams a reality and brought her abundance.


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The Pentagon will present a broad range of military options to President Donald Trump on Friday as he considers how to respond to what administration officials say was an unprecedented Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia's oil industry.

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Geoff grew up in the church and was baptized, but when he grew up he chose another path.

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As Hurricane Dorian lashed North Carolina's Ocracoke Island, Trudy and her sister saw water rise so fast that it blocked their doors. "This is going to be a tomb ..." Trudy said. They broke the door down and swam to safety. But their home was in shambles. Discover how caring friends like you came to their rescue.

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