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Between sleepless nights and agonizing acid reflux, Miguel didn’t know who else could help him. He turned to the TV for a distraction and found his miraculous answer.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is traveling in the Middle East this week and CBN News is with him. He has an extensive agenda, but one item looms very large: find a way to halt Iran’s growing power in this volatile region. 

Today's Scripture
Luke 1:45
"You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what he said."

Today's Devotion
The Miracle of Salvation

CBN News

A new documentary called "The Long Goodbye" retells Kara Tibbetts' courageous fight with terminal breast cancer and offers a fresh look at how she bravely dealt with suffering and pain.

700 Club Interactive

The wife and son of the late Peter Pretorius discuss his 30-year ministry in Africa and the book he finished just before his death.

CBN Ministries

Sonia had a happy life with her husband and four children. But that came to an end when her husband died from AIDS and his family unjustly blamed her. She lost her home, lost the means to care for her kids, and was losing hope when help came from an unexpected source.

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