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Dave Says: "Piles of Cash?"

Dave Says
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Dear Dave,
You’re always talking about accumulating piles of cash. I’ve gone to church for several years, and the Bible says not to lay up treasures on earth. Doesn’t that mean that we shouldn’t accumulate wealth or be greedy?

Dear George,
The Bible also says in Proverbs that in the house of the wise there are stores of choice food and oil.

If you look back through scripture, you’ll find that many of the major Biblical characters were very wealthy people who understood they were not the owners of the money and wealth. They understood that their job was to manage these things properly for God’s glory.

I can appreciate your concern, George, but when I talk about piles of cash my frame of reference is that we’re to handle our money and other possessions for good and for God. It’s not about greed or to use in buying bigger and better things for ourselves.

But you can’t do good if you don’t have the strengths to do good.
-- Dave

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