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Desperate to Escape Chronic Headaches

John Martin - 700 Club Producer

“It was just a tightness on the left side of my neck and, you know, it would give me tension headaches.”

Sarah was in high school when she started experiencing dull pain in her neck and occasional headaches.

“Initially it was maybe once every one or two weeks I would have a headache, but that tightness was always there. I don't really know what the source was, but I just remember always having it.”

Doctors couldn’t find a cause and the pain continued to plague Sarah throughout college and into her career.  Over the counter pain meds and alternative therapies gave some relief, but the pain and tightness always came back.

“I thought that this was something that I would just have to deal with because I've had it for so many years and there's really no treatment for it.”

Sarah came to accept the pain as a part of life.  That is until she married and had two children.

“I found myself just wanting to get through the day instead of enjoying my time with my children.  And just enjoying motherhood. It was exhausting. I just didn't have enough energy for everyone. I would ask God, I'd say, ‘God, you know, I just, you know, want you to take away this neck pain’ and, you know I just want to be made whole and I want to enjoy life and enjoy my family.”

At one point her therapist gave her neck exercises to work out the stiffness. While doing them one morning in 2015, she heard a loud crack.  

“And there was this sharp pain and I'd never had sharp pain before, it was always a dull, achy pain. So then I got out of bed and when I got up to stand up I felt crooked.  I felt like my neck was off to one side and I couldn’t like fully straighten up.”

For two more years she dealt with what was now a constant pain.

“I remember praying, I’m saying, ‘God, you know, I wish you would just take this neck pain away. Will you heal this?  Will I ever be healed of this?’”

Then one evening in April 2017, she was watching The 700 Club when Gordon and Terry started praying.

Gordon said, “And so now, in an act of faith, we lay hands on that area of the body that needs healing,

“So I put my left hand on my neck like this. The first thing he said was, 'There’s someone, you’re laying your left hand on the back of your neck and down into your spine and shoulder, you just felt all of that leave. It’s like everything came into alignment, That neck pain is gone for ever its never going to come back, that spine is going to be in perfect alignment, just receive it now in Jesus name.'”

Sarah says, “And so I said, ‘God, I'm just going to accept this and I want this healing.’ So at that moment I turned my head to the right and the left and for the first time, there was no pain.  And I got up, I stood up, and for the first time I felt straight, like I felt like my neck and spine were back in alignment. All I could say was ‘Thank you, Jesus.  Thank you, Jesus that you loved me this much that you would heal me.’”

The next morning she woke up, pain free for the first time in over 20 years.

“I had no pain.  I felt –my neck and shoulders felt relaxed.  I felt, you know, like my body had been straightened and I just felt like a new person."

Sarah is especially thankful that she can finally enjoy life and her family like she always wanted to do.

“God does provide, you know, supernaturally; he does heal. The source of love, joy and peace really only come from knowing Jesus. I just really trust that God will, he'll take care of everything, that I don't need to worry.”

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