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Devastated by Surgery, Man Needs a Miracle

Tim Smith - 700 Club Producer
Shawn Brown - 700 Club Producer

Joseph is a retired Navy man, husband, and father. In 2013, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and successfully treated with chemo and radiation. But when the tumor returned two years later, surgery was the only option.

“This was devastating to me,” says Joseph. “It attacks your faith in a way that I never imagined. I’m going to have to go through this surgery, this thing could kill me now this time. This is a more advanced cancer.”

The tumor was removed, but when complications followed, the only recourse was to implant a stent in his esophagus to try to heal the damage.  

“From the day I left the hospital, I had sharp pains, burning spasms. If you know what a charlie horse feels like in your leg, imagine that deep inside your chest. And they would go on for three to five minutes. These muscles are being expanded. They’re tearing and the nerves are damaged. And it was the most excruciating pain of my life.”

Joseph was bedridden and unable to eat.  

“I can’t even bring myself to feed myself. It’s every two to three minutes I’m going into a spasm. And there’s nothing I can do. I have to gut this thing out. I will say that I’ve never been in despair in my life. But this was probably the lowest point of my entire life.”

One morning Joseph turned on the television and began watching The 700 Club.

“I’m desperate. And I need someone to pray for me. I’m on my knees, I got my hands out. And I’m just like ‘Lord, please, hear my—hear my cry.’ And there’s Pat, he goes, ‘There’s somebody that has like tumors in the esophagus.’”

“You’ve got tumors in your esophagus,” says Pat on The 700 Club. “I don’t know if you’ve burned it, or whether it’s a fungus, but they are like tumors.”

“When he said that I started weeping,” says Joseph. “I said, ‘There’s my answer to my prayer. God is answering.’ I said, ‘That’s me. It’s burning here.’ Everything he said, I mean he’s saying this, it’s just happening so quick.”

Pat continued, “Now, you’ll feel like a hot breath of air is burning through your esophagus, and God is healing you right now.”

“I felt warm all over my body,” says Joseph. “Not just right in here. But I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit come upon me. I was just weeping and weeping, like I hadn't wept, I think, ever. But it was joy. Because it was a moment of deliverance. And when he got done, the pain was gone. That was it. No more spasms.

Joseph has been pain free ever since. The stent was removed, and ten months after surgery, there is no sign of cancer. He has returned to his active lifestyle with a grateful heart – and a newfound peace.

“I see how God has done some things in my heart. And that’s what I’ve learned, is that Hebrew word, that Shalom. That sense of being, not just at being at peace in your life, but it’s a deepness of understanding of your wellbeing, where your standing is with the Lord. I don’t have cancer. I’m feeling better. I start seeing some future to my life again. I mean, how much more blessed can you be?”

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