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First the Flood, Then the Mold...

Cheryl Wilcox - 700 Club Producer

Rockport had always been a favorite vacation spot for mike and Lois Rogers.

“It was always a dream to move here and we did,” said Lois.

When hurricane Harvey formed in the gulf they prepared to evacuate.

Lois explained, “We had packed up for three other hurricanes, boarded the house.  It’s a tremendous amount of work to leave for a hurricane and my husband had been quite ill this time.”

Because Mike is battling cancer, he was worn out by the time they fled Harvey’s path. Days later, they were glad to find out their home wasn’t destroyed in the hurricane, but they were heartsick when they saw their city and their neighbor’s losses.

Mike said, “We really didn’t anticipate it being as devastating as it was, because I go around and look at these people and they have nothing, I mean nothing.  That’s really heartbreaking, it really is.  Like the majority of people in town, we didn’t know what to do next.”

Harvey’s category 4 winds caused damage to their roof and walls, and rain inundated their home.

“We didn’t realize it was as bad as it was until it started turning black.  The whole thing, it was just mold everywhere,” said Mike.

Lois said, “Once molds sets in, you can’t get it out.”

Mike and Lois knew they needed to salvage what was left of their belongings immediately, but they were already exhausted, and Mike couldn’t risk working in a moldy house.

CBN Reporter, Shawn Brown, said, “They had absolutely no idea who was going to remove all the debris from their yard, and all the molded items in and around their home.”

Mike said, “And we noticed down the road they were cleaning up.  And we asked a neighbor, ‘Who are those people?’  And they said, ‘That’s Operation Blessing.’”

Mike and Lois contacted the Operation Blessing command center in downtown Rockport, and a volunteer crew arrived the next day to help them salvage and sort their belongings, and get the debris out of their yard. 

Lois said, “So Operation Blessing is helping us move all our things that are salvageable out of there.  That’s why Operation Blessing is such a wonderful thing because without them we are going to have to pack up and leave again.  There is no way we would have stayed without all this help we are getting.”

Mike said, “Without the volunteer work in this community, the work could not get done, literally it couldn’t get done. And these people that give their time and effort, God Bless them.”

“Now, with all this clean-up is going on, we ought to be able to stay here until we get it reconstructed again,” said Lois.  They’re wonderful.  It’s a true blessing to have them.  They’ve actually given us our life back.”

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