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From Sweden, With Love

Last November, The Global Lane told you about Swedish government deportation proceedings against Iranian Christian Reza Jabbari. He's the former Muslim who converted to Christianity during a visit to Baku, Azerbaijan in 2010.

Jabbari immigrated to Sweden, but officials there denied him assylum despite evidence that he actively participated in church activities and evangelism in his neighborhood.

This blog and CBN News continued to follow and update Reza's story. Last March, Sr. International Correspondent Dale Hurd traveled to Sweden and interviewed Reza and his pastor, Cai Berger.

Reza and Berger say Dale's story, our previous reports, your prayers, and those of Christians around the world led to the granting (last week) of Reza's residency permit.

In this video just received today from Pastor Berger, he and Reza thank CBN for our reports. We promised we'd share their gratitude and joy with you.

But all credit for this good news goes to God for answering our prayers. All glory be to Him who saved Jebbari (for eternity) in Baku in 2010...

...And for saving him from deportation to Iran this month!

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