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The World's Worst Countries

Be thankful you don't live in Somalia. Once again it is the world's most failed state.

It's the sixth year in a row that Somalia has ranked number one in The Fund for Peace Failed States Index published by Foreign Policy Magazine. FFP says Somalia worsened last year in many of the failed state indicators like security, development, insurgency, crime and lawlessness.

Some slight improvements in food security and gains against the Islamic terror group al-Shabaab were noted as positive trends for Somalia.

According to FFP, "One of Somalia's greatest problems has been the absence of widely accepted political authority capable of bringing together Somalis under a common set of goals...and instead of disgusiing Somalia's problems, the international community should practice smart development."

The Democratic Republic of Congo ranks No. 2, followed by Sudan, South Sudan, and Chad.

Why is the world's newest country--South Sudan ranked No. 4?

FFP suggests the government has "done little to stop violence and accompanying humanitarian crises."

It reports that  violence in areas like Jonglei, Upper Nile, and Warrap is "spurred on by politicans and power brokers who are interested in land, money, and revenge."

And the failed state (and the world) have not given much consideration "to the idea that there are also legitimate grievances and deep internal divisions underlying the conflict that have nothing to do with Khartoum."

To view the failed state rankings list and read various country reports, check out FFP 2013 Failed State Index. FP and FFP are hoping the Failed States Index will help spur debate and develop ideas to promote greater stability wordlwide.

I pray it will help open the eyes of Christian worldwide to those in greatest need of our prayers, compassion, and hope.

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