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Imprisoned Iranian Pastor Update

Pastor Benham Irani & Family

While the recent speech of Naghmeh Abedini before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva raised greater awareness about her imprisoned pastor husband Saeed, little attention has been given to the plight of another pastor, Benham Irani who has suffered in an Iranian prison longer than Pastor Saeed.

Benham's wife has not testified before the UNHRC, and the White House and State Department have made no major public denunciation of the Iranian regime because of his arrest and imprisonment.

But Pastor Benham is once again in urgent need of prayer and attention. We've received this update from our friends at Present Truth Ministries:

"He has advanced hemorroids and as a result he is bleeding each and every day.  We have learned he has a skin disorder that causes him pain if he even spends five minutes outside in the sunlight. He also has a disc out in his back and is walking with a limp.  Despite all this -- and being confined with murderers and violent drug dealers -- he is full of joy. He faces these terrible circumstances with joy because God is with him, comforting him at every turn."

Like the advocacy effort for Pastor Saeed, you may also sign a petition for Benham Irani. The goal is to obtain 100,000 signatures by June 22.

Here's the link to the online petition effort, Pastor Benham Petition

And please, when you pray for the Holy Spirit to bring comfort, encouragement and peace to Pastor Saeed and his family, don't forget to pray the same for Pastor Benham and his wife and children--and for other Iranian Christians who are suffering for their faith in Jesus!

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