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Egypt's Third Square Movement

As Egypt's military continues to do battle with the Muslim Brotherhood and it's supporters, another protest movement is rising in the streets of Cairo.

A new group--known as Third Square--is neither pro-Morsi, nor pro-military. Organizers say they don't want their country controlled by Islamists or the military; neither rule is acceptable for Egypt.

Instead of gathering in Tahrir Square, Third Square protestors are meeting in another corner of Cairo called Sphinx Square.

A Third Square spokesman says the group opposes the military's use of weapons against a segment of Egyptian society (Pro-Morsi activists).

"We are all citizens that are equal with the same rights," he explains.

They also oppose the military's strategy of pitting one segment of society against another.

"The state belongs to all Egyptians," they say. "The people will not kill them. We must co-exist."

What is the future of the Third Square movement ? It may gather steam if security forces continue to kill Islamists and a growing chorus of secular voices demand a non-violent reponse.

The alternative may be civil war.

For more on Third Square, watch this video from Ahram Online:

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